Senior Spotlight: Makayla Luebber

Honor student Makayla Luebber is looking forward to her future after graduation in May.

Makayla got behind in her school work in seventh grade at Chatham Middle School. She wanted to catch up in high school, so she started taking classes to get ahead when she arrive as a freshman. Last semester, she took English 11 and US History so that she could take English 12 and US Government second semester to be on time to graduate with her class.

After high school, she wants to go to Southside Virginia Community College to be a registered nurse and then a sonogram tech.

“I will miss seeing my friends every morning and making memories with them,” Makayla said. “My favorite memory mostly was Spirit Week: pep rallies and homecoming games.”

Makayla’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Things can get tough, but you have to keep pushing through in order to succeed.” Makayla proved that with hard work and dedication, a person can overcome obstacles and meet goals.