Deputy West’s Retirement

Chatham High School resource officer, Deputy Tim West, is looking forward to his retirement after 2o years of service.

Before coming to Chatham High, he worked at the Danville Police Department for two and half years.

He graduated from Bluestone High School in 1975 and went DCC for college.

“I don’t know what to do when I retire, but I know there is so much for me,” said Deputy West. “Maybe I can help out with the new school resource officer whenever she needs it or come visit the school sometimes.”

Deputy M.H. Strange will be the new school resource officer to replace Deputy West. She previously worked at the Green Rock Correctional Center in investigations.

She is so grateful to start this week. Deputy West will stay on to assist in the transition. His formal retirement will be in July.

“Ultimately maintaining safety and security of the campus while building positive relationships with faculty and students is what I am most excited to do when I start next school year,” said Deputy Strange. “My job description is to maintain safety and security. Community policing in a closed community too.”

“I will always be available for teachers and students just to say hello or for more serious issues, but my goal is to be proactive and very interactive with the students throughout the school year and summer,” she said. “I want to be a good role model for these students by showing passion and the ability to inspire others.”