Baseball and Softball Fields’ Refurbishment

The CHS baseball and softball fields are being refurbished.

Head baseball coach Chad Anderson is spearheading the effort to make the fields look fabulous for this spring’s season.

His hard work is also an effort to provide our softball team a home field to play on. Last season, several games had to be moved to Crider Field in Chatham in order to get them played. The field was poorly constructed initially and has been a problem area for some time.

The persistent rains all winter have delayed the restoration efforts, but they are almost completed although the softball field may not be completely finished before the season begins.

“The girls’ field especially needed attention so that when it rains, runoff  will drain properly so the field will dry quickly. The baseball field will now provide a good, safe playing surface for our athletes,” said Coach Anderson. “I want the fields to be something we can be proud of. I want them [the fields] to look good when people get here.”

The refurbishment effort has been intense and has required hundreds of hours of work. “For the softball field’s renovation, we cut sod to take out the lips…bumps that form where dirt meets the grass, so the field will drain after it rains. After that, I took a tractor and back-dragged the edge to create a slope. Then I nail-dragged it again and rolled it with a roller over the weekend; and, as it looks right now, we will need to add at least 25 tons of brick dust for the final step.

“The booster club  donated funds to purchase a new tarp that is currently in production as we speak,” Anderson said.

The restoration effort has been time-consuming.

“For the baseball field we used 50 tons of brick dust for the surface of the warning track.  We built two bullpens for pitchers and catcher to warm up, and have taken steps to get the grass back healthy again. While working on the fields, we’ve used a roller machine, a skid steer, a few tractors, expanded shale, calcined clay, a top dresser machine, and other equipment,” said Anderson.

The booster club donated $3000 to help fund the softball field (based off of a $6,000 professional contractor’s estimate); however, Coach Anderson agreed to help out in order to save money. Now, those funds will be used in purchasing the necessary brick dust to help absorb moisture from the dirt. The funds for the baseball field are being supplied by fundraisers by the team.

If they were to contract the softball and baseball fields’ renovations, Coach Anderson estimated that it would easily cost the school between $30,000 and $50,000 to get everything done properly and with the necessary equipment.

Anderson is not getting paid anything for the renovation. In fact, he even admitted to losing a bit of money while working on the fields. “I’ve lost money out of my own pocket doing this project and have taken a day off of work to do it as well,” said Coach Anderson.