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Athlete of the Week: Quanadra Tunstall


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Freshmen student, Quanadra Tunstall, is dominating the court her first year on the Chatham Girls Varsity Basketball team.

Last season, Quanadra played on JV during her eighth grade year before she got moved up to varsity her freshman year.

During this season, she scored 11.2 points per game and made 8.3 rebounds per game. Before the season started, she was nervous about playing on the varsity team, but as the season went by, she feels more confident while playing varsity and wants her teammates to finish her first year strong.

“I know we can win district, regional, and states this year,” she said. “Last season, I watched those four seniors win district and regional; so now, me and my teammates are going to win state this season.”

The Girls Varsity team overall record is 11-10 and the region is 7-5. Quanadra believes that she and her varsity teammates will bring home the win this season.

“I hope we can step it up and win the tournament and go on to states this year,” said Quanadra.



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Athlete of the Week: Quanadra Tunstall