Spring Break Approaching!

Spring break is approaching!

Spring break is March 25-April 1.

Students may be unsure what to do this week off so here are some inexpensive ideas.

Visit the Danville Science Museum. They are always welcoming of guests and will give you tours around the museum. Explore the digital dome theater to travel through the cosmos without leaving your seat. You can also explore the butterfly exhibits to become one with nature. They have things to do for all ages.

Travel to the Greensboro, NC and visit the Four Seasons Mall. Enjoy a full shopping day to get out of the house. The area is slammed with fun things to do with the family or friends including an arboretum, a science museum, and lots of eating and shopping opportunities.

If you are a senior, this is the perfect opportunity to visit a college you’d be interested in attending. University of Virginia, The College of William & Mary, Liberty University, and Radford University are just a few of many you could tour during spring break week.

While touring The College of William and Mary, you could explore how life used to be in Colonial times. Visit historical Williamsburg and Jamestown. There are costumed docents and other re-enactors to make you feel like you are actually visiting there in 1670.

You could also spend some of your spring break volunteering. Help an elderly person clean up his yard. Spend time at a soup kitchen or food bank.

These ideas can keep you adventurous and busy your entire spring break! Enjoy!