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Senior Spotlight: Kenerder Bautista


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Kenerder Bautista

After graduation, Senior Kenerder Bautista plans on attending DCC for two years to study engineering and then transfer to Averett University.

“I want to accomplish my last year strong by making straight A‘s this semester and focus on my classes,” Kenerder said. “Throughout the years, high school has show me that I need to be responsible more in life.”

Kenerder does admits that he is going to miss high school. “I am going to miss all my friends, playing soccer, and the pep rallies,” he said.

Kenerder’s advice for all underclassmen is “Do all your work, and don’t procrastinate.”


Sade' Morrison, Hard News Editor

Sade is a senior at CHS. She enjoys playing basketball. After high school, she plans going to DCC to become a Certified Nursing Assistant then later, go...

Senior Spotlight: Kenerder Bautista