Scrimmage Soccer Match

CHS girls’ soccer team had their first scrimmage on Wed. March 6, and they tied George Washington High School.

The starters of the game were Kayla Reamey, Blaine Adkerson. Makenzie Mitchell, Betsabe Galindo, Alexis Brown, Kristen Rogers, Angelica Mendoza, Elisabeth Hardy, Cerenity Runyon, Teiss Stafford, and Hannah Goins.

They tied 2 to 2. The first half was 2-0, GW; in the second half, Chatham made 2 goals. One goal was made by Makenzie Mitchell, and the other was made by Blaine Adkerson.

Cerenity Runyon said, “The first half was decent.”

Kayla Reamey, “The first half was terrible, and it could’ve been way better.”

The Chatham girls will play their second game Mon. March 11; they play Magna Vista at Magna Vista