Girl’s Soccer against Tunstall

The Chatham girls soccer team traveled to Tunstall on Fri., March 14, and tied their game 2:2.

The first half of the game was 1-0 with Tunstall in the lead; in the second half Tunstall made another goal and Chatham made two.

Blaine Adkerson and Elisabeth Hardy made one goal each during the second half.

“I think that we could have done way better,” said Blaine Adkerson. “We went in thinking that we were going to win so we didn’t work as hard as we should have. Lesson learned.”

“We definitely could have done better. We did not pass as much as we should have, and we did not communicate properly,” said Kayla Reamey.

The starters of the game were Alexis Brown, senior; Angelica Mendoza, captain and senior; Betsabe Galindo, junior; Blaine Adkerson, sophomore; Cerenity Runyon, sophomore; Elisabeth Hardy, captain and senior; Hannah Goins, junior; Kayla Reamey, captain and senior; Kristin Rogers, sophomore; Makenzie Mitchell, senior; and Teiss Stafford, senior.