Jean Shopping!

Jean shopping can be time consuming and difficult at times.

Everyone has a different size and shape so it can be very stressful.

I  buy jeans from American Eagle or Hollister. Their prices range from $35-60 a pair, and they usually have 50% off sales.

Lots of CHS girls buy from AE and Hollister.  “I buy my jeans from American Eagle; they fit well, and I am very confident wearing them,” Hope Reamey said.

“I like to buy my jeans from Target; they are very affordable and comfortable. The prices are usually $20-$30,” Taylor Dodd said.

“I like to buy my jeans from Marshalls; they always have them on sale, and they are stylish as well. The prices vary,” said Kayla Reamey.

The color, the style, the brand are all part of the choosing-the-perfect-pair process. In a small town where there aren’t a lot of shopping options, American Eagle, Target, and Marshalls are among the best places to buy affordable, stylish jeans.