Stop Stressing over Exams

The end of the year brings excitement and anticipation but also dreadful exams and SOLs  slam students at the end of March, late April , and the month of May.

Many students find themselves anxious and stressed even as the weather changes and more sunlight is everywhere.

To be successful, teenagers have to apply strategies to help with the stress.

Here are some helpful tips to cope with the anxiety and stress that accompanies test time:

  • Study adequately! Anxiety comes from being ill-prepared;
  • Eat a breakfast/lunch high in protein, fat, and carbs;
  • Stay for tutoring or ask your teacher for help;
  • Form a study group with others who need review;
  • Get enough sleep the night before the test;
  • Listen closely to any instructions;
  • Read the test through first;
  • Focus on addressing each question individually;
  • Relax!

Exams and SOLS are a stressful part of life; however, these tips will help you pass your test, make good grades, and pass your class to move onto the next chapter of your life.