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Girls Soccer against Patrick County


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The Chatham soccer girls traveled to Patrick County on Mon., April 1, and defeated the Lady Cougars 6-0.

The first half ended 2-0 with Blaine Adkerson and Alexis “Lexi” Brown scoring the only goals in the half. The second half started with Lexi Brown scoring another goal, Betsabe Galindo scoring a goal, and Kristen Rogers scoring a goal.

“I think that we did good with ball handling and communication. I think that the team is improving greatly,” said Blaine.

“We did really good that day; the game went way better than I expected,” said Kristen.

The starters of the game were Angelica Mendoza, captain and senior; Betsabe Galindo, junior; Blaine Adkerson, sophomore; Callie Dahm, sophomore; Cerenity Runyun, sophomore; Courtney Mckenzie, senior; Elizabeth Hardy, captain and senior; Kayla Reamey, captain and senior; Lexi Brown, senior; Makenzie Mitchell, senior; and Teiss Stafford, senior.

Kayla Reamey, Photo Editor

Kayla is a senior at CHS. She enjoys playing soccer. After high school, she plans to go to DCC for two years then transfer to Averett University to become...

Girls Soccer against Patrick County