Quanadra’s Accomplishment

Quanadra Tunstall

Freshman student, Quanadra Tunstall, dominated her first year on the girls varsity basketball team.

Quanadra made Second Team District for the season, but she was also made First All Region Team after an explosive tournament in the Regionals.

“I did not expect to be both Second Team District and First All Region Team,” she said. ” I didn’t think that I did so well during the tournament to be given this great achievement.”

Quanadra started to play basketball at the age of eight. Before she started playing, she was a cheerleader for six years until she wanted to try basketball.

“At first, I sucked at it, but then I started experiencing it by watching basketball on TV, going to basketball games, and practicing,” she said. “After all of that, I started to get better and better by each year. All my JV and Varsity coaches think I have the potential and heart of this game and don’t want me to stop because they see my future.”

Quanadra set a mission for herself in basketball. She hopes to hit 1,000 basketball career points, make Player of the Year, make First Team Regional and District, and  get state rings before she graduates. She still wants to continue her basketball career by playing at one of her four top choices: Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Virginia Tech, and Louisville State University.