Millions of Dollars of Jeffree Star Makeup Stolen


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Famous makeup guru, Jeffree Star, recently got his warehouse robbed by burglars of millions of dollars of makeup by burglars.

Jeffree revealed on his YouTube page that a warehouse he uses in Los Angeles to store the bulk of his makeup line was broken into last month. He lost most all of his stored makeup.

He says thieves made took more than $2.5 million of his products. According to police, six men appeared to have staged the break-in. The stolen products include thousands of highlighter palettes, thousands of lip-liners, and almost all of a certain shade of concealer.

A woman located on Facebook Marketplace was tracked for trying to sell the product. She has been jailed.

Star also said in addition to hiring a private investigative team, he’s working with law enforcement and the FBI to figure out who’s selling the stolen product on the black market. He also said that he’s seen many of his stolen products on buying and selling apps like Poshmark.

Maddie Thompson, junior, said “I think it’s horrible that this happened.”