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Girls Soccer Game


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The Chatham Cavalier girls soccer team played at home on Wed., April 3, and lost against Dan River.

The first half was better than second half of the soccer game. Blaine Adkerson scored the one goal in the second half of the game. They played very well together as a team.

“We definitely could’ve played better together if we would have talked more to each other,” said Kayla Reamey.

“The second half went poorly because everyone on the team was all over the place and not going after the ball,” said Kayla Reamey, team captain.

“The second half we got the ball up more, but the defense stopped us,” said Blaine Adkerson.

The starters of the game were Angelica Mendoza, captain and senior; Betsabe Galindo, junior; Blaine Adkerson, sophomore; Callie Dahm, sophomore; Cerenity Runyun, sophomore; Courtney Mckenzie, senior; Elizabeth Hardy, captain and senior; Kayla Reamey, captain and senior; Kristen Rogers, sophomore; Lexi Brown, senior; and Teiss Stafford, senior.


Hope Reamey, Feature Editor

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Girls Soccer Game