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Cavalier Athletics Summary Week 12


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The girls soccer team won an away game against Randolph Henry on April 10; the score was 4-2. Blaine Adkerson, Elizabeth Hardy, and Mckenzie Mitchell all scored a point each.

Our Lady Cavalier softball team beat William Campbell 11- 1 on April 9. Jahna Waters was starting pitcher for three innings; she allowed one run, three strikes, and one walk. Sage Crider had three for three. The best offensive players were Caroline Vicks, Abby Owen, Taylor Lester and Haleigh Simms. Last Friday they also had a game against Nelson, they won 8-1.  Jahna Waters pitched the whole game. She struck out 10, allowed one run and five hits. Offensive players were Caroline Vicks, Alex Gauldin, Sage Crider, Abby Owen, and Taylor Lester.

The Varsity baseball team played a home game against Dan River on April 10. The Cavaliers won 8-0. Andrew Potojecki pitched the whole game, struck out 11 times, and had three hits. Offensive stars of the game were Matthew Arnold with a single and Grayson Dalton with a home run.  They beat William Campbell on April 9 with a score of 20-9. Christian Lancaster was starting pitcher and also got the win. The offensive players were Matthew Arnold with two hits and a home run, Luke Martin with three hits, Hunter Adkins with two hits, Grayson Reed with a double, and Bray Adkins with two hits and a double.

Our JV baseball team went against Randolph Henry and beat them 6-5. Logan Nichols pitched six innings, struck out 14, and gave up five hits. Henry Hurt got two hits and two RBI’s.



Sarah Hailey, Co-Sports Editor

Sarah is a sophomore at CHS. She loves to play volleyball and dance during her free time. After high school, she wants to go to DCC then transfer to Virginia Tech to become a pediatric psychologist. She is Co-Sports Editor.

Arianna Petty, Co-Sports Editor

Arianna is a sophomore at CHS. She loves spending her time after school playing basketball. After high school, she plans on going to Virginia Tech to be an architect.

Cavalier Athletics Summary Week 12