After Prom Party

The Chatham High After Prom party was Sat., April 13, from 12 AM to 4 AM.

At After Prom students could enjoy a bounce house, movie room, food, photo booth, corn hole tournament, game room, and a money machine. There was also a chance to win a car. Six students were chosen and given a car key. They must then go to the car dealership, and if the key cranks the new car, that person wins it.

Kayla Reamey said, “Some of the prizes were not that good. I didn’t like the hats. There were too many hats as prizes; for example, if a person won a hat, a few minutes later, they won another hat. When a person won a prize, his or her number was put back in the running, and then some people won multiple big prizes while others not so much. ”

Maddie Thompson said “I had a great time, Coach Marcus Clements, a chaperone,¬† let me play my music through the aux cord.”

Taylor Dodd said “It was very boring; I did not enjoy my time there. There was not much to do so I sat for three hours.”