Girls Soccer against Appomattox

The Chatham Cavalier girls soccer team played at home on Mon., April 15, and lost against Appomattox 8-0.

The first half was way better than second half of the soccer game. Both teams were very physical, but the Chatham girls let the goals Appomattox scored get to their head and they gave up during the second half.

“The majority of us went into the game thinking we would lose, and we did. I think that we could have done a little better if we took the game more seriously,” said Teiss Stafford.

“For the first twenty minutes we did good, but Appomattox scored a goal, and it got to our heads,” said Blaine Adkerson.

The starters of the game were Alexis Brown, senior; Angelica Mendoza, captain and senior; Betsabe Galindo, junior; Blaine Adkerson, sophomore; Callie Dahm, sophomore; Elizabeth Hardy, captain and senior; Hannah Wright, senior; Kayla Reamey, captain and senior; Kristen Rogers, sophomore; Makenzie Mitchell, senior; and Teiss Stafford, senior.