Post-Prom Review

The CHS Prom was Sat., April 17, and most students had a fantastic time.

The prom theme was Around the World. The tickets were designed and made by Tiffany Kistler and Tiffany Tuck, both juniors. “I really enjoyed the prom theme, and the tickets were beautiful!” said Alyssa Nelson, junior.

Most students thought the prettiest part of prom was seeing everyone dressed up. “Seeing everyone dressed up was the highlight of my night!” said Kearstyn Bowden, senior.

The prom began at 8 PM and ended at 12 PM. After Prom was from 12 AM to 3 AM. “I really enjoyed prom and after prom! They were both really enjoyable for me!” said Lydia Popoca, sophomore.

Prom night was memorable for most everyone, especially for seniors. “This was the best prom ever! I wouldn’t know what to do without my friends who danced the night away with me!” said Angela Shelton, senior.