New North Korea Weapons

North Korea recently launched a blast of missile off its east coast.

President Trump facing mounting pressure to ease US sanctions against the country, according to analysts.

The recent weapons’ tests were the most serious by North Korea since the country launched its Hwasong 15 intercontinental ballistic missiles in November 2017.

North Korea has not eliminated its nuclear weapons as agreed on by Kim Jong Un last year. Mr. Kim appears to be reneging on his agreement to lift the suspension, analysts said.

President Trump has repeatedly described his agreement with Kim Jong Un  as his biggest achievement in North Korea. The leaders have met twice: first in Singapore in June and again in Hanoi, Vietnam, in February.

“Today’s provocation means that Kim Jong un is becoming increasingly pessimistic” that he could work out a settlement with Mr. Trump, said Lee Byong chol, a North Korea expert at Kyungnam University’s Institute of Far Eastern Studies in Seoul.