Some hilarious memes have been anonymously posted around CHS for several weeks.

The memes are hidden throughout the hallways and on top of lockers around the school. Students have also found some personally fitted into their lockers.

The memes are hard to spot, but CHS students have been on the hunt for them for days. These anonymous students have posted millions around in the last two days.

The students who are posting the memes would like to remain anonymous.

“I just wanted to make people smile and have fun my last few days of high school before summer started,” said one of the mysterious students.

“I really just wanted something to do because I’m done with all of my classes.” said another anonymous student.

These memes have made people laugh all over the school, including students and teachers.

“It’s really interesting to see how someone can change the school’s atmosphere by just little things,” said Alyssa Nelson, junior.

“These have really brightened my day. They have made me laugh endlessly,” said Kearstyn Bowden, senior.

“I find them all over the library! I simply love them!” said Mrs. Davis, the librarian.

Keep on the lookout for more hidden memes.