Learning French!

Mrs. Motley looking cute!

Melissa Motley, English teacher at Chatham High School, is attempting to learn French in her free time these last few weeks.

Mrs. Motley visited France in the early 2000s along with her sister, and since then she has been wanting to go back.

Before returning to France, she plans to learn the language so she will be able to understand others and vice versa. “I’ve always been fascinated with the French language. I’ve been to France before, and I would like to go back knowing how to speak the language,” said Mrs. Motley.

Mrs. Motley changed the Siri on her phone so that it only speaks to her in French; she has also signed up for many apps that could possibly help her out.

If you see Mrs. Motley in the hallway, be sure to greet her in French.