Local Celebrity Signs Books

A CHS student’s celebrity dad came home to Chatham from Washington,  DC, to do a  signing of his new book, Still Winning, at a local art gallery.

Our own Henry Hurt, sophomore and baseball player, is the son of Charles Hurt, the opinion editor and a columnist for Washington Times and a political pundit on Fox News. Clement Hurt, CHS senior, and Charles Hurt, CHS Class of 2017, are Hurt’s nephews.

Hurt has worked in the news business for over 20 years. He served as DC bureau chief and White House correspondent for the New York Post, an editor of the Drudge Report, and a contributor to Brietbart News, among other accomplishments.

Hurt recently published his first book, Still Winning, about his endorsement of President Donald Trump. The book was sold out at the event hosted by Reid Street Gallery.

Hurt spoke to a crowd of about 125 people in a mostly question-and answer-format for about an hour.

His first paying job was an internship at the Register & Bee in Danville.