It Chapter Two Isn’t As Scary As I’d Hoped

The Loser Gang kids, all grown up, enjoy a Chinese meal together to reminisce. Copyright ComicBook


The long anticipated sequel to 2017’s ItIt Chapter 2, is finally in theatres, and it’s… all right.

Based on one of Stephen King’s most acclaimed books, It Chapter 2 follows our heroic kids from the first film all grown up. They’re all living their own lives when an old friend calls them 27 years later to tell them Pennywise is back.

They return to Derry to fight the clown one last time, and bring him to his death.

It Chapter Two is a great film; it has wonderful acting, great characters,  great story, everything you can have to have a great movie.

And, just to clarify, the new It is far better than the 1990’s film adaptations of Stephen King’s book.

It Chapter Two doesn’t compare to the original when it comes to the scares.

It Chapter Two is very funny. There are lots of hilarious moments in the film, but it can be awkward to mix  horror with comedy; viewers don’t know whether to laugh or scream.

The film actually tends towards comedy more than horror, and in that way, mimics the first It.

If you expect pure horror, you will be disappointed.

Another problem with the horror is the fact that the characters are now adults. It‘s (2017) cast was made of children who faced Pennywise and his horrors; the fact that they were young made it all the more scary for the audience.

The main issue with this film is that it is really, really long. Almost three hours long.

When horror buffs are asking, “How much longer,” it’s not a good thing no matter how much action is crammed into the film.

Bill Hader and James Ransone are definitely the stars of this film, and the chemistry between the characters Richie and Eddie is wonderful.

Cavalier Chronicles gives It Chapter Two a 7/10.