CHS Snacks Are Popular

Hungry students line up daily in the hallways to purchase snacks from designated teachers at certain times of each school day.

Several teachers agreed to sell the snacks between classes but not during the official breakfast and lunch times set by the school.

Mr. Whitt Farr, Mr. Daniel Rodgers, and Mr. Chase Hall all sell from carts in different areas around the school.

Many teachers have no problem with students enjoying their snacks in the classroom. Mrs. Erin Hall said,  “My students often seem to be very hungry, so, yes, I allow snacks. My students usually get their snacks before the beginning of my class, so there is no issue about tardiness or leaving class to buy food.”

Ms. Veronica Correa said, “Students eating snacks is fine with me because I also like snacks. I think it [snacks] gives the students something to look forward to everyday.”

“For me, students focus more by eating snacks,” said Mrs. Angie Cestaro. Although she allows snacks, that permission does not mean she tolerates a dirty classroom. “If there is a mess there are no snacks.”

Many students enjoy the snacks. Anasia Harrel said, “I enjoy the selling of school snacks because it is easy to get a quick snack on the way to class.”

She also believes snacks could be better; “They could be improved, they also should stock up more.”

Daniel Barbour says he likes having snacks at school but, “The school should add more options. I’d like more variety of certain items. I usually spend about $50 every two weeks in snacks.”

Thomia Tinsley loves the snacks. She said, “I like them because you can have food in class instead of waiting until lunch. I don’t share; I usually tell most people ‘no.’ I usually spend on average about $5 a day.”

Nick Williams said, “I enjoy snacks; very much so. I purchase two or three snacks at most.”