Cafeteria Opinions

CHS students and staff  have different opinions about the preparation, pricing, and quality of the food served.

Mandy Smoot, the head of the cafeteria staff, loves her job because it meshes with her personal life, “It works well with my children and family. However, the job is physically hard; there is lots of heavy lifting of frozen food.”

Mrs. Smoot said, “If I had the chance to change some of the foods we serve, I would serve more items of what students like. I take pride in the food we prepare; if I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t serve it. I have never encountered disrespect or rudeness from any staff or students; the people here are very kind and respectable.”

A fun fact is that the lunch staff sits together and has a meal everyday before serving lunches. All cafeteria staff is usually finished and prepared to leave by 2:15.

Daniel Barbour, a senior,  said, “My favorite meal is chicken wings. I would like more food for a cheaper price; that would be great. I would also like a Taco Tuesday.”

Hailey Grace,a junior, said, “My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese says her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and bosco sticks. I would like bigger portions of food; that would be nice. All students should get free lunch.

Ameia Harris, sophomore, said, “My favorite  lunch food is the Clux Deluxe chicken tenders. I  think prices are a little too high. I would love to see some Southern food and outside food.”