Vaping Arrest at the Annual Fair

A PCS student was recently arrested at the Danville-Pittsylvania County Fair for child endangerment because she was vaping on one of the rides.

The unnamed student was riding on the Fireball.. A child from behind claimed to experience an asthma attack due to the vape smoke. The teen was arrested shortly after the incident took place.

Teenagers are frequently using vapes instead of cigarettes. Both are illegal in the state of  Virginia for all people under age 21.

According to Stanford Medicine, “The use of nicotine in an early adolescence can cause the brain to change in ways that make life-long addiction more possible for young vape/e-cig users.”

“The common misconception about vaping is that people believe vapes produce only water vapor when, in reality, it’s creating aerosols that contain harmful chemicals and ultra fine particles that are inhaled into the lungs,” said the Stanford Medicine. “The aerosols that are being inhaled by the smoker enter the lungs unfiltered and leave behind a chemical residue. Just like regular cigarette smoke, 2nd hand smoking applies to vaping as well. The people around a vaping person will also be affected by the smoke.”

“I am not a vape user, but I have read that it can cause heart problems and liver and kidney damage,” an anonymous CHS student said.

Stanford Medicine also said, “Studies have shown that vaping is associated with heart disease, cancer, and the use of other tobacco products.” One JUUL pod contains just as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes.

“I have read that it causes breathing problems and collapsed lungs, but I have not experienced any effects because I have chosen not to vape,” another anonymous CHS student said.

Teens are consuming on average of one pod every two days. According to the JUUL official website, “That’s 200 puffs of a cigarette.”

“I don’t vape, but all I know is that a JUUL contains more nicotine than a single cigarette and causes health problems in the long run,” an anonymous CHS student said.

The FDA has launched ads in hopes of changing teens minds about their vaping usage. The ads are meant to scare vape users and teens who have decided to vape. The Real Cost is an anti- smoking campaign that is playing a huge part in stopping teen vaping addiction.

Vaping has become such an issue that people are landing in hospitals of all ages and some have even died from the lung injuries being so severe, according to news stories.

“It can land you in the hospital, and since I don’t vape I have not experienced any harmful effects that vaping can cause,” a CHS student said.

“Fake THC cartridges are being sold all over the country and are the cause of death in many. They can contain Vitamin E oil which is very dangerous to inhale into the lungs,” according to numerous news outlets.

According to, “Illnesses have risen to 530 victims across 38 states announced the FDA recently.

A CHS student said, “Smoking being banned on campus will not have any effect on the students choices, because if they want to smoke then they will still do it outside of school.’

It has been reported that students use their bathroom breaks  to vape in the stalls. “I don’t think banning will have any effect on the students because they will still sneak around and find ways to do what they want,” a CHS student said.

Signs against vaping are posted on the bathroom doors to remind students not to make bad choices.

“I don’t like the thought of student’s vaping, but it is their choice to do so, and their lives so if they want to do it then that is on them,” a CHS student said.

Vaping is epidemic, but one of the Real Cost polls stated,  “Studies have shown that nine out of ten teens don’t smoke.”

“Vaping isn’t really a big deal to me since it’s the user’s problem and responsibility, and if they want to go through with it then they can go for it,” a CHS student said.

Smoking was banned on all school campus due to the laws in Virginia. It doesn’t matter if you’re outside of the school building or school hours are over.