Tokyo Grill: Go!

Tokyo Grill is a great place to eat.

I ordered and was served within 10 minutes. My beverage was replenished frequently without my request. The waitress was friendly and had a positive attitude. I  ordered hibachi chicken and steak with rice; it was delicious. The proteins were cooked perfectly, and the rice was fluffy and flavorful. The waitress brought me a white sauce that made the food even better.

The restaurant’s location is hidden in a strip mall off Mount Cross Road, Danville. The exterior is not attractive, but the inside is beautiful with lots of Asian style artwork.

Tokyo Grill has  4.3 stars out of 5 (on Google), and I agree with that assessment.

Their menu is varied and includes sushi, teriyaki bowls and dishes, hibachi bowls and dishes, and others.

The prices were very reasonable; I spent $20 (including the tip for the waitress) for a lot of good food.

I highly recommend Tokyo Grill.

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