Cheap Date Ideas

Expensive dates with your boyfriend/girlfriend can be impossible so here are some great cheap dates for each season to enjoy.

Summer Dates

  • Cupcake shop- $2 to $2.25 per cupcake
  • Public Outdoor Concert- Free
  • Drive in movie- $13.69 per person

Fall Dates

  • Hayride- $2 per person
  • Bake Cookies- $5 (if you need the ingredients)
  • Roast Marshmallows- $7(if you do not already have the stuff)

Winter Dates

  • Volunteer at a shelter- Free
  • Decorate a Christmas tree- Free
  • Set New Years Resolution Goals together- Free

Spring Dates

  • Walking trails- Free
  • Build a pillow fort and watch movies at home-Free
  • Stargazing – Free

Chatham High School faculty and students also gave their personal ideas with their own significant others:

Col. Charles Phillips:

  • Summer: Beach-$60 (travel price)
  • Fall: Pumpkin patch-$9.95 to $14.95 (may be free depending where you go)
  • Winter: A cabin in the woods-$150 to $175
  • Spring: Disney-$107 (single day ticket before tax)

Mrs. Brandy Durham:

  • Summer: Picnic-$5 to $10
  • Fall: Football game-high school:$5 to $7, collage:$56($15 for students), NFL:$90 per person
  • Winter: Ice skating-$150 to $300
  • Spring: Park-free

Bryan Argueta:

  • Summer: Movie-$10 to $15
  • Fall: Haunted house-$15 to $25 per person
  • Winter: Restaurant-price will vary depending on where you go
  • Spring: Picnic-$5 to $10