What We Know About ‘El Camino’

On the final Breaking Bad episode, creator Vince Gilligan wrote a hanging conclusion for Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s former student.

In the finale, Jesse, played by Aaron Paul, escaped from captivity and fled in a 1978 Chevrolet El Camino, crying in relief.

Fans were always led to believe that his journey was over, but Gilligan imagined a sequel about Jesse’s fate even before finishing Breaking Bad. It seems that the movie starts immediately after the finale, instead of a time jump.

According to The Ringer, Gilligan hoped to believe that Jesse got away and was happy. Jesse has always wanted to move to Alaska, change his name, and start a new life. He thought of it as “a peaceful life communing with nature.”

Paul said: “I like to think that he’s living as a carpenter somewhere—somewhere in Alaska” and later adding, “I think he’s living happy on a lake somewhere in Alaska, fishing a lot, making things out of wood.”

 In 2013, Gilligan said that it is up to the viewers to decide the fate of Jesse Pinkman. Now, the fans get to find out what happened to the beloved character.

Most of El Camino was shot in Albuquerque. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres on Netflix on October 11.