Police Presence at ‘Joker’ Premiere

The Oct. 3 premiere of Joker was accompanied by death threats.

The threats caused increased uniformed and plain clothes police presence in New York City theatres.

An earlier version of a Joker film called The Dark Knight Rises  in 2012 was shown in Aurora, CO, and it was the scene of a terrible massacre in a theatre there. Current fans are concerned about this latest version spurring a copycat crime.

Multiple victim’s families wrote letters to Warner Brothers which explained their concerns over a potential repeat of violence. The film will not be shown in Aurora. 

According to Deadline, police officers and the media believe that if people see this movie, they may want to commit the same crimes as shown in Joker. 

Landmark Theatres have banned the use of face masks and toy weapons, including any costumes of Joker during the run of this film. 

The movie begins showing Fri., Oct. 4, in Danville Georgia Stadium Theatre.