We Eat Insects Every Day

The FDA allows a certain number of insects, rodent hairs, feces, and mold in the food we enjoy on a daily basis.

There is simply no way to rid food from every insect that can make its way into it. Many people don’t know what we truly eat everyday without being informed of this information.

Because of the insect problem, the FDA has rules and regulations for keeping our food as clean as possible.

“The FDA is doing a very well job on cleaning our food as much as they can. We’ve got to understand that it is basically impossible to get out every defect,” an anonymous CHS student said.

Cnn.com says, “This problem is called a food defect. Your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even midnight snacks contain nasty things nobody would want to be caught dead eating.

“On average every person unintentionally eats about 140,000 bugs a year without realizing it”, as stated in an insider.com article about defected food. As reported by cnn.com, “The coffee beans that are ground in order to make the drink can contain up to 10 milligrams of animal feces a pound. They may also hold up to 4% or 6% worth of insects and mold.”

“Go light on the black pepper that you may sprinkle onto your eggs because it will have you eating more than 40 insect parts in every teaspoon portion. Your morning fruit contains fruit flies that have traveled with them in refrigerated delivery trucks all the way to your local supermarket and into your home,” according to cnn.com. “For lunch you will be better off with packing a peanut butter sandwich since peanut butter is the most well-controlled food on the market. Only one or more rodent hairs are allowed and around 30 insect fragments are in every 100 grams.”

CHS students are not immune from inadvertently eating bugs. “I ordered from Subway and saw something black in the sandwich. It happened to be a spider,” an anonymous CHS student said.

According to cnn.com, “Jellies and jams are not as controlled as peanut butter. On average four or more rodent hairs are in every 3.5 ounces and 5 whole insects are in your apple butter. Aphids, thrips, and micro mites can be found if you’re lucky.”

“Up to 12 percent mold is found in apple butter, but that’s not even half as bad as cherry jam. Cherry jam can contain up to 30 percent mold. It gets worse with black currant jam being 75 percent moldy.”

“As long as eating these bugs on a daily basis isn’t killing me then I don’t care,” an anonymous CHS student said.

According to cnn.com, “When you make spaghetti for dinner you are cooking up to 450 insect parts with your noodles. Canned tomatoes, tomato paste, and sauces you put on pizza are not as contaminated as the tomato juice inside of your cocktail. Only two maggots are allowed in a 16 oz. can.”

“My dad went to a Chinese restaurant and found a big roach in his Dr Pepper,” an anonymous CHS student said.

“The way these nasty things are found is by quality assurance employees who take constant samples of the finished product. Sometimes it is even done by hand. They will take 10 bags out of a week-long production and are shaken up to get any excess of what might still be in there,” said cnn.com.  “Not all bugs are able to be taken out of the food. Sometimes there will be more bugs than usual and the product will have to be taken to be reworked. The food will get boiled and the parts will get skimmed off the top.”

“I opened up a Jolly Rancher one day and saw an ant stuck inside of it,” an anonymous CHS student said.

“Although having bugs in our food is disgusting, it is not as harmful as you would think. Bug parts do not contain illness,” said cnn.com.

“I was not aware of the bugs and other things that are in the food we eat on a daily basis. I don’t care though since it is not harming me or anyone else,” says an anonymous CHS student.