Work Life vs School Life

High schoolers like to have jobs because jobs mean ready cash for ever-mounting bills that must be paid.

These financial obligations are often met by getting an after-school job which then brings its own set of challenges.

Col. Charles Phillips, JROTC instructor, said, “After-school jobs prevent students from participating in a lot of school activities, and makes it hard for them to balance academic, personal, and work responsibilities.”

Many CHS students feel that an after-school job affects their school work adversely and keeps them from having relaxation and free time.

Taylor Bowen, senior,  said, “An after-school job often conflicts with getting my homework done.”

Mikaela Wheeler, junior,  said, “I don’t get enough sleep and have no time to do school work.”

Other students agree that working while attending school is difficult. Sydney McBride said, “Projects are hard to get done on time.”

Dani Snead, senior, said, “I work at O’Kelly’s restaurant in Danville. I like my job, but I only work night shifts so it’s hard for me to get my schoolwork done. I’m saving my money for college mainly. I  don’t work roughly 16-18 hours per week. I feel tired a lot, and I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.”

Jacob Martin who works at Johnson Brothers Manufacturing,  said ”The job can get in the way of homework a lot. I enjoy my job, and it’s a lot of fun, but  I work about 15 to 20 hours a week,  and it can be exhausting. I save my paychecks for college. I have a good  amount of money saved, which is good for the  future. My dad works there, too, so, it’s a nice benefit that we can hang out together and sometimes eat lunch together.”