Pet Center Uses Facial Recognition App

Chatham’s Pittsylvania Pet Center has a facial recognition app to identify lost/found animals.

The FindingRover app is located on the App Store. Every animal taken into the Pet Center is registered on

The app provides tips and recommends pet food, supplies, and other things for pet ownership.

The application is simple. Go to the app, click lost or found, then upload a picture, description, and location. Once on the app, they is there permanently. When located, the picture will say so.

The center offers the community this additional tool to help lost and adoptable dogs and cats find their “furever” home. The app provides a map and pictures of adoptable or missing pets found in those areas.

Each owner may protect their pet by using the same email that they give to the Pittsylvania Pet Center when adopting their pet.  If that animal ever gets lost, the pet profile will already be in the system; that pet’s identification will be a lot easier for the owners and the Pet Center.

Some CHS students like the idea of the facial recognition app for pets.

“If it helps people, it can save a dog’s life,” said Jennie Furr, junior, owner of three chihuahuas, a chihuahua/beagle mix, a pit/ hound/lab mix, and a Dutch shepherd.

Senior Lindsey Stafford agrees, “It’s safer for dogs,” she said. She is the owner of three English bulldogs, and a pit bull. “I plan to get the app as soon as possible. I really like that the app is free, and that it will recognize my dog’s face.”

“Dogs and cats are beloved family members, and if he or she goes missing, it can be devastating to everyone involved. We want to do everything we can to safeguard our pets from being lost forever. Registering on Finding Rover is another step all pet parents should take to further protect their furry family members,” said John Polimeno, CEO and Founder of Finding Rover.Image result for finding roverThis explains how the facial recognition works. Image result for finding roverHe is a previous user of the app that helped get this wonderful pair back together again.