‘Joker’ Review/Spoiler Alert

Todd Phillip’s Joker, which premiered on October 4, was one of the most anticipated yet controversial films of the year.

Arthur Fleck, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, is a failed stand-up comedian struggling with mental illness in an unforgiving society. He and his mother, Penny, are struggling to get by with his day job as a clown-for-hire.

Throughout the movie, Fleck gets bullied by many different people. He struggles with a disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably.

At one point in the movie, he shoots three men who attacked him on the subway. He hides from the police in a bathroom and starts to dance.

Fleck then begins to date Sophie, his neighbor. He performs at the comedy club with her watching.

His mother keeps asking if they got a letter from Mr. Wayne. When Fleck finally looks at a letter sent to Mr. Wayne; he finds out that he is his father. Fleck gets very upset and goes to talk to him.

Mr. Wayne’s butler tells him that his mother is lying and spent time in Arkham Asylum. He goes to Arkham and finds out that he was adopted and that his mother abused him.

When he gets home, he sees that his mother is being sent to the hospital. When he is waiting outside of the hospital, two police officers ask about the subway killings and if he was a part of it.

When he leaves the hospital, he goes to Sophie’s apartment. She is startled to see him and asks him to leave. In this scene, you find out the whole relationship is a lie and a figment of Arthur’s imagination.

You later see him in the hospital with his mother. He looks up at the TV and sees that the Murray Franklin Show, Arthur’s favorite show, shows a clip of him performing at the comedy club. They show the clip, then Murray makes fun of him.

Arthur gets really upset, then goes to his mother and tells her that his life is a comedy, not a tragedy and kills her.

When he gets home, he gets a call inviting him to be a guest on the Murray Franklin Show.

The scene cuts to him dyeing his hair green and painting his face white. His friends come over to visit when they heard about his mother’s death. Unfortunately, one of his friends at his house was the cause of Arthur getting fired. Arthur then stabs him to death.

He seems unbothered about it and still makes conversation with his friend. After his friend leaves, he gets ready for the show. The next scene is him dancing on steps seemingly listening to music no one else can hear. The two police officers find him and chases Fleck to the subway station.

The subway is filled with people in clown masks. Fighting erupts when one of the police officers accidentally shoots a person. Arthur gets away and starts dancing when he sees the police officers getting beat up.

Before he is on the show, he asks Murray to bring him out as Joker. When he comes out, he is dancing again. During the show, he admits to killing the three men on the subway. He starts to tell jokes and gets mad when no one else finds it funny.

His final joke ends with Arthur shooting Murray in the face. Arthur gets arrested and when they are driving to the police station, they get hit by a truck. The people who hit them are supporters of Joker. They help him get out of the car and lay him on the hood of the car. Arthur wakes up to a crowd around him cheering. He finds blood on his face and shapes it to a smile around his mouth then starts dancing.

The final scene of the movie is him in Arkham Asylum as a patient. He talks to a therapist then escapes with blood on his shoes.

The most important part of this movie is showing a mentally ill person in an uncaring society spiraling into madness. Arthur Fleck always wanted to be noticed, and in the end, he finally was.