Jobs for Students in Our Area

Jobs can be scarce for high school students because their hours are restricted until after school.

“I have a job right now, but I am currently looking for a new one because I am not getting enough hours to make what I need to make for my graduation trip to Europe this spring,” said Alyssa Nelson, senior.

The Pizza Hut in Tightsqueeze Shopping Center on US 29 is hiring  drivers. The requirements for being a driver at Pizza Hut are you must be 18 years or older with a clean driving record and keen sense of direction, you dress the part, and you have basic math skills.

The Pizza Hut on Hwy 29 is also hiring a team member. The requirements for this job are that “you have to be 16 years or older, have the right kind of attitude, and are fun and friendly.”

Subway on Hwy 29 is hiring more sandwich artists. The requirements to “be 16 or older, have a nice attitude, be able to smile and welcome the guests as they walk in the door, make sandwiches neatly and fast, and be able to do simple math.”

The Dairy Queen on Riverside Drive, Danville, is hiring a team member. The team member duties are “to be 16 years or older, have a nice attitude, be able to pass  drug tests, and get along with others.”

“I work at O’Kelly’s; they are always hiring at different locations in Danville, Chatham, and Brosville,” said Dani Snead, senior, who has been an employee for nearly a year. “Give them a try; I like working there. Go to the Piney Forest location and ask for an application.”

In the Danville Mall, Journeys is hiring a sales associate. Applicants “must be 16 years or older, be able to stand for  long periods of time. provide a fun experience for all customers, complete all required training, and be able to climb, reach, lift, and bend up to 50 lbs.”

“Food Lion at Tightsqueeze and 41 are almost always hiring; I am applying there soon,” said Nelson.