Kickback Jack’s: Go

Kickback Jack’s is a great bar and grill establishment, and I recommend going.

I went to Kickback Jack’s located on 140 Crown Dr., Danville, Wed., Oct. 7, around 6 PM. It was very good.

I didn’t have to wait for my table, but it took my food about 25 minutes to arrive because of the busy weekend crowd.

My waitress was very good; she replenished my drink frequently, had a positive attitude, and checked frequently to see if my food was good and if I needed anything.

I ordered cheese fries as my appetizer, and they were very good. They were cheesy, well-seasoned, and delicious. I ordered the Baja Chicken Pasta and it was amazing. Everything about my dish was nearly perfect, and I have no complaints at all. The dish was comprised from chicken, shrimp, and rotini in a spicy Cajun alfredo sauce.

The prices are reasonable for the generous amount of food; I had leftovers to eat later. I spent about $25 including the tip for the waitress.

The outside decor is nothing special. The inside decor was cool with a lot of flat screen TVs with sports playing. The interior design focused on sports; the seating was very comfortable and clean. .

I would give Kickback Jack’s a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The deduction was for the outside decor and the wait time for my food.

Kickback Jack’s is definitely a good place to eat at in Danville.