CHS Drama Performance

The Chatham High School’s drama club had a pre-performance at the ECC, School board office, in Chatham on Tuesday, October 22, to see what the club is up against and prepare the students to know what it will be like when the competition happens on Saturday, November 2, at Nelson County High School.

All of the Pittsylvania County Schools gathered together at the ECC to perform each of their own plays that their drama teacher picked to have performed. The minimum time of each play was about 40 minutes.

Pamela Matherly, the CHS drama teacher, picked out a play that the cast performed called Mustardseed, a behind the scenes look at the fairies from the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night Dream.  

Cast members:

Alyssa Nelson, as Moth; Hasmeet Kour, as Mustardseed; Camryn Witt, as Cobweb; Mayghan Presley, as Peaseblossom.

Crew members:

Meredith Hughes; Tiffany Kistler; Jalen Martin; Joel Gonzalez; Malithia Stroud; Thomia Tinsley, the drama club manager; Sherry-Mae McAllister; Lily Hensley, the makeup artist; along with Brandy Durham, the school’s art teacher, helping drama club with the hand-held/background props, accessories, and costumes for the cast in the play.