A Dictionary of Nightmare Meanings

Most teenagers don’t get enough sleep at night and consequently are more susceptible to stress, anxiety, and depression.

This sleep deficit can cause nightmares.

When puberty hits, a teen’s biological clock changes; adolescents have a harder time falling asleep at night than before puberty.

A CHS student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I get usually around like five hours of sleep every night because I am not tired, and I cannot go to sleep.”

Nationwidechildren.org says in an article about sleep in adolescents, “The average teen gets around seven to seven and a quarter hours of sleep. The amount teens actually need is actually nine and a quarter hours of sleep every night to be fully rested. Not enough shut eye can change a teen’s mood, behavior, cognitive ability, academic performance, and cause them to have impaired driving.”

“Not enough sleep leads to sleep deprivation. Frequent sleep deprivation can cause an anxiety disorder. Since adolescents are already very sensitive to stress, anxiety, and depression; not enough sleep will heighten these feelings,” according to adaa.org.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can cause nightmares to happen more often than when you feel at your best. The nightmares we have can hold emotional meanings. How we feel deep down will manifest itself into something more dramatic in our brains when we sleep.

A list of dreams are possibly: Being chased by something or someone, falling from a high place, being nude in public, and your teeth falling out.

Keeping a dream journal is useful for tracking what you see in your nightly dreams. After a while of tracking in your journal you may begin to see recurring things and patterns.

Once you start to think more about what you dream and dig deeper into the meaning of it all, you may figure out the significance of your dreams.

An anonymous CHS student said, “When I wake up from nightmares, I always take time to look up what I’ve just experienced to see what the meaning is behind it. Most of the time what I had dreamed about related to how I had been feeling on a daily basis.”

According to howtolucid.com, here are some dream symbols and their meanings:

“Death- Can represent change in one’s life. An ending or new beginning will happen soon.”

“Falling- You are having anxiety about having to let go something in your life and not being in control of the situation.”

“Being trapped– If you are trapped in a tight space or are unable to escape a certain situation, then you are are feeling unable to make right decisions for yourself.”

“Water- Water in a dream means different things depending on how still it is. If the water that you see is at ease then you are at a good state of mind. If the water appears to be rapid then that is saying you need to calm down and take a step back.”

“Teeth- Losing teeth in your dream can mean becoming unattractive to others is a big fear of yours. You could be very appearance driven.”