Buffalo Wild Wings, Danville: Don’t Go!

I definitely do NOT recommend going to Buffalo Wild Wings, 3415 Riverside Dr., Danville.

My  most recent visit was Sun., Oct. 20, around 4:30 PM. It was not dreadful for many reasons.

I didn’t have to wait for my table, but it took my food 30 minutes to arrive, and they weren’t even busy.

My waitress was terrible! She had a very negative attitude and rarely came to replenish my drink. She gave me the incorrect change; because it was only 14 cents, I didn’t say anything, but it was wrong.

I ordered a small order of boneless honey BBQ wings with fries. The meal was mediocre. The fries were seasoned well, but they were overcooked and crunchy enough to break a tooth. The wings were boring; nothing positive nor really negative stood out.

The prices were outrageous.  My food was $20; a ridiculous amount for the volume of food that I got. The small order of wings were $12! I wasn’t nearly full after completing my meal.

The outside decor is mediocre and bland. The inside decor is interesting: there are a lot of wall-mounted TVs to watch sports  while you eat, and there are many sports prints spread throughout.

I would give Buffalo Wild Wings a 1.7 out of 5, I wasn’t impressed at all. The deduction was for my food, the service, the decor, and the wait time.

Buffalo Wild Wings is definitely not worth going to. Don’t waste your money.