‘Watchmen’ Review – The Perfect Superhero Story

This adaptation of Watchmen, originally a graphic novel that debuted in 1985,  premiered in HBO on October 20.

HBO’s adaptation is set thirty years after the movie’s ending.

The special effects of this show are incredible. The story is about a white supremacist group, known as the Seventh Cavalry, who attack police officers. The police in this universe wear masks to hide their identities so no one can attack them in their homes.

The main story revolves round Angela Abar (Regina King) who is a police officer. She tracks down people who affiliate with The Seventh Cavalry. There are many references to the original graphic novel that only eagle-eyed viewers would notice.

The premiere shows that this series is willing to hold nothing back. In the very first scene, the Black Wall Street Massacre of the 1920s was recreated; it was gruesome.

I recommend this show to fans of the graphic novel and sci-fi lovers; I give this a four out of five stars.