El Cazador: Delicious!

El Cazador is one of the best Mexican restaurants around Chatham.

I went to El Cazador, 15 S. Main St., Chatham, recently, at 8 PM.

There was no wait time, and I chose where I wanted to sit. My waiter took our order immediately after we sat down, and I had my food about 15-20 minutes later.

The waiter was very sweet, attentive, and pleasant. He checked up often and made sure that we had everything we needed.

I ordered an arroz con pollo (ACP) with no vegetables; to drink I had a sweet tea which was very delicious. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the queso was spicy just the way I like it. When they brought the platter out, it was steaming, and they urged me to be careful to not burn myself.

The food was reasonably priced. I spent about $15 on my meal (including the tip). The food was delicious and the portions generous.

The interior of the restaurant was very pretty and upbeat.

El Cazador offers a wide range of dishes including burgers, chicken nuggets, wings, and traditional Hispanic dishes.

I rate El Cazador 5 stars out of 5. The food was amazing, they served it fast, and checked on their guests frequently.

If you are looking for quick, delicious Mexican food, I highly suggest going to El Cazador.