Woods of Terror: Worth a Visit

Woods of Terror was a haunted house that was open in Greensboro, NC, from mid-to-end of October.

The website of Woods of Terror claims that the city of Greensboro was haunted by the spirits of those who died during the Great Depression in 1941.  To provide some relief to those bothered by these roaming spirits, a local priest reportedly exorcised and bound these “spirits” to a plot of land outside of the city.

As the years went on the priest gave his land to his great grandson Eddie Howie McLaurin. The land became a junk yard. According to the website, “The spirits of the Woods of Terror began to move, rearrange, and construct the junk into scenes that made them feel at home.”

When customers go to Woods of Terror there is a small waiting area before you go into the house that resembles a Halloween-themed fair. There are games, music, fire pits where you can make s’mores, and there are also gift shops.

When you are called you to go into the house, customers wait in a line and get a picture taken with your group.Then you are sent in. Each area has a different theme or attraction. There are twelve different attractions in the house starting with Arachnophobia following after is Nightstalkers, Industrial Nightmare, Chaos 3D, The Blood House, The Awakening, Horror movie classics, Black Beards Revenge, Miners Massacre, The Slaughter House, The Purge Anarchy, and Blackout Terror.

There is one last attraction outside of the house called Monster Midway were the monster parade rides through the monster midway led by the casket car, Eddie, and Dawn the Snake. The parade  happens every night at 7 PM sharp only at Woods of Terror.

Make plans to visit this place next Halloween. Cost this year ranged from $35-$45.

To learn more about Woods of Terror go to there website at https://woodsofterror.com/