Is College Worth It?

College is one of the many great milestones in life, but is it really worth it?

College can be very expensive. Even with scholarships and financial aid available, many students aren’t able to access them to get the education they desire.  Student loans are a hassle and can result in crippling debt. Many people in America struggle to pay off their student loans.

So is college worth the overbearing weight of student loans?

A college degree gives you a chance at getting a good job to then pay off  student loans more quickly. Much depends on the actual degree that is earned. A business degree will offer more options than a gender studies degree.

Make sure that you are aware, upfront, at the total cost of your college loans. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Choose your degree carefully. Don’t go to college if you are not committed to doing your best. Work while you are there to support yourself and keep  other debt to a minimum. Most of the time, choose an in-state school where tuition will be lower.