Urban Dictionary of Current Slang

Teenagers these days are using slang words to talk to each other and some people may not understand them.

We asked Jacob Pickral what are some slang words or phrases he uses:

“You don’t want no smoke” – You don’t want to fight

“WCW” – Women crush Wednesday

“MCM” – Man crush Monday

“Yellow”- Hey

“Quit Cappin'” – Quit lying

“Don’t play me” – Don’t mess with me

Other common words or phrases that we hear around school or on social media are the following:

“Trippin'” – Talking crazy

“Spill The Tea” – Tell the drama

“Shook”- Shocked

“Salty”- When someone has an attitude after you have said something to them

“I’m Dead”- When someone finds something really funny

“G.O.A.T.”- Greatest Of All Time

“Lit”- Amazing

“Gucci” – Good