Drama Club Places Third in Competition

The Chatham High School Drama Club recently placed third in the Nelson County One Act Play competition; consequently, Drama Club will not move on to the state drama competition.

Dan River High School placed first; Nelson County High School placed second;  and Appomattox placed fourth.

Each play was one act and no more than 35 minutes long with five  minutes of extra stage prep time.

CHS performed “The Mustardseed.”

Alyssa Nelson, senior, performed in the play. She said, “Being in the play was very interesting. I enjoyed watching other drama clubs perform their own plays. For  me, it’s not about winning; it’s about having fun. And I had so much fun. The best part of my experience was watching DRHS and AHS perform because their plays were so funny.”

“We hope to perform “The Mustardseed” play this month at CHS during fourth block,” said Nelson.