Photo Friday

Chatham High School Cavaliers have the privilege of driving their own vehicles to school.

Even though many students start their school careers riding the bus, when they get their drivers’ licenses,  they can drive to school with parental permission.

The fee for a yearly parking spot is $30. This fee is required every year a student drives to school.

Students must get in line for a parking space; if they want a particular spot, getting in line early is very important. Most of the time, if you are one of the first people to get there, they will give you the spot you want.

Students who drive must take personal responsibility for getting to school on time. This is good practice for showing up on time for a job or college classes.

“It’s fun to drive to school instead of riding the school bus. I’m in control of everywhere I go. I drive a white ’89 Camaro; I work on it myself, and change the oil and do other general maintenance,” said David Percario, senior.

“I really like driving to school in the morning. I stop by Biscuitville occasionally to get a waffle sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese; it’s delicious, and I couldn’t do that unless I drove.  I can  leave school and go straight to work which is another benefit of driving,” said Jacob Martin, senior.

“I love driving to school because I like the freedom. I get coffee from Callands Coffee sometimes before school; that’s a treat for me,” said Hailey Cash, senior.

“I think it’s fun to drive to school, but a lot of people on the way drive too slowly and it makes me crazy. I love listening to podcasts each morning. Yesterday, I listened to one on conspiracy theories about Nazis in Antarctica, so I am entertained and learning, and have time to myself,” said Elizabeth Triggs, senior.