“Channel Zero” review

Channel Zero is one of the scariest, strangest, and most interesting anthology shows released in the 21st century and shows that Hollywood can adapt great stories.

Each of Channel Zero‘s season follows a different story, with each story being based on a popular creepy story from the Internet. For example, season one is based on the story “Candle Cove,” by Kris Straub.

Season one, “Candle Cove,” follows Mike Painter, a child physcologist who returns to his hometown and investigates a TV show that he thinks had to do with the disappearance of some kids. The show sticks very closely to its source material but has no problem adding on to it.

“Candle Cove,” is definitely the best season of Channel Zero and was a great introduction to the series.

Cavalier Chronicles gives “Candle Cove” a 10/10.

Season two of Channel Zero, “No-End House,” is about a group of friends who visit a moving attraction named, “No-End House.” When they finally leave the house, they realize things aren’t as they seem.

Like “Candle Cove,” “No-End House” sticks close to the original story, but expands upon it in very cool ways. With the success of the first season, they were able to really go big on what they wanted to do.

“No-End House” has a great and interesting world surrounding it, as well as great characters.

Cavalier Chronicles gives “No-End House” a 10/10.

The third season, “Butcher’s Block,” is about two sisters that move to a new town and try to solve the mystery of the Peach family. This was the first time they really moved away from the original story. “Butcher’s Block” is based on the popular “Search and Rescue” stories from reddit.

The only real tie to “Search and Rescue” is the stories of the staircase in the woods and the strange disappearances. That’s not to say that the season is bad, though.

While the story does take several liberties, it is a very good story with plenty of twist and turns.

Cavalier Chronicles gives “Butcher’s Block” an 8/10.

The final season of Candle Cove is “The Dream Door,” and follows a newlywed couple when they move back to their hometown, and strange murders start taking place. “The Dream Door” is based on the short story “I Found a Hidden Door in My Cellar,” and “I Think I’ve Made a Big Mistake…”

“The Dream Door” really built upon the original story. However, this season is definitely the worst of the bunch. It could just be repetition that dragged the season down, but something about the season was really off.

Now the main antagonist of the first half the season, “Pretzel Jack,” was really good. Played by Troy James, Pretzel Jack is probably one of the best-looking antagonist of any horror show.

Cavalier Chronicles gives “The Dream Door” a 7/10.

As for Channel Zero as a whole, it is definitely one the best horror shows ever on TV. One of the things that really set this show apart from others is its excellent cinematography and practical effects.

“The Tooth Child” and other monsters of “Candle Cove” are my personal favorite looking monsters. “Butcher’s Block” has my favorite visuals, especially at the end.

One of the more confusing aspects of the show is that in each season, it feels like it should be over with after the halfway mark. With the first three seasons, it feels like simple turning points, but in “The Dream Door” it feels like the last three episodes are unnecessary.

Cavalier Chronicles gives Channel Zero a 8/10, it’s closer to a nine than a seven but “The Dream Door” really drags it down.