Marine wanted for murder spotted in Roanoke, VA

Marine Michael Alexander Brown is on the loose in Roanoke after being suspected of murdering Rodney Brown, his mother’s boyfriend.

Franklin County police shut down all schools in the city on Thursday because the fugitive is suspected to be in the area.

Vanessa Hanson Brown, mother of the suspect, contacted the authorities after discovering the body of her boyfriend at home Nov. 9. This event took place in the Hardy Community.

Brown was a Marine who was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. He deserted the camp last month on October 18.

He’s thought to have been living in the woods and parks.

An arrest warrant for Brown was obtained Mon., Nov. 11, for charges of second-degree murder.

Kenneth Meador, a neighbor of Michael Brown said, “Rodney was a super nice guy. He was really polite, worked hard. Just a great guy.”