Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a great Italian restaurant at 120 Collins Dr., Danville.

I recommend going. I went Thurs., Nov 14, around 6 PM.

My waiter did a very good job. He replenished my drink frequently. He asked if everything was okay several times and had a very positive attitude.

I ordered the Chicken Carbonara with shrimp and it tasted wonderful. The chicken and shrimp were cooked perfectly. The noodles were also cooked perfectly and the Alfredo sauce was very flavorful.

The prices are expensive. I spent $20 on my food, but I did get a plentiful amount of food.

The decor was very nice. It felt homey and welcoming and was designed to feel like a restaurant in Italy. It was also very clean and organized.

I would give Olive Garden a 4.7 out of 5. The deduction was for the price.

Olive Garden is definitely an Italian restaurant you’ll want to visit.