Should , “OK, Boomer”, be considered a slur?

The phrase, “OK, Boomer,” was started by Millennials and Gen-Z.

A Baby-Boomer is someone who was born right after World War II when soldiers began to arrive home from WWII (1946-1965).

Young people recently used this phrase as a comeback after an older person expressed their outdated, usually judgemental or perceived close-minded views on a certain topic.

Someone doesn’t even have to be part of the Baby-Boomer generation to be considered a “Boomer.” If a person holds archaic views on something, but who is not old they can be called a Boomer, too.

Some older people are offended by this phrase; some even so want to categorize the name as a slur.

According to an article on, “Radio host Bob Lonsberry is being criticized after comparing the word “Boomer” to the N-word. He has since deleted his tweet that said, “‘Boomer is the N-word of Ageism. Being hip and flip does not make bigotry ok, nor is a derisive epithet acceptable because it is new.”

Although the phrase may be considered an insult to many, it’s not all that serious to people who use it. “OK, Boomer”, is used in a comical and sarcastic manner.

Memes of the phrase have been the trend lately amongst younger generations as the word “Boomer” becomes popular.